Open To Change
  • MCC. keeps permanently developing the work systems, methods and means by persistent innovation and smart creative ideas.
  • In co-operative manner, we keep exchanging information & experience with others.
  • Always upgrading our competence, qualifications, performance and skills.
  • Ready for innovating, inventing and changing, for better integrated performance.
  • We keep thinking deeply, for better understanding in order to convince others with our thoughts and ideas.

As an Egyptian leaders builder, Our objectives are::

  • Doing our work right the first time, every time and one time, with the best quality according to the agreed specifications, in compliance with agreed time schedule, with a fair competitive price to meet customer’s satisfaction.
  • Best utilization of Egyptian (and/or) international resources through implementing proper procedures and management systems.
  • It is the men who makes the difference, we believe that people are our most valuable asset, therefore, every opportunity is taken to hire. Train and utilize only the most competent candidates, professional and well experienced.
  • Our vision is to be the best but not necessarily the largest.
  • By accurate, Careful planning, And correct priority setting up, We always provide better management for projects.
  • Every small detail in the job, Is carefully taken care of.
  • We consider MCC. as a partner to our customers in the success of their projects, By completion on the required duration, With the best quality and price.
  • We maintain a proper and fair relationship with customers, subcontractors, suppliers and specialists, as well as authorities.
  • We consider MCC. a partner to our subcontractors and suppliers and specialists since their success shall be considered a part of our success.
  • We are partners to our colleagues in MCC., Our success is due to their success.
    We provide technical support to customers, subcontractors, suppliers and specialists.
  • We honor our promises and agreements, All the way through.
  • Success always comes from looking forward to your next steps and Proceeding in your successful moves, Not by looking back to your past success, But only taking from it what makes your next moves more successful
  • Of course it's hard to reach the top, But it's much harder to continue at this top
  • Our hardwill and our continuous efforts to reach the peak, makes our achievements and success value added and much more great.
  • Is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives
  • We remain true to our founding values of honesty and integrity and these beliefs have been instrumental in our growth and success. High ethical standards and a professional culture characterize all our activities and our clients have come to expect nothing less.
One Family.
  • We are proud of being members in MCC. family.
  • Our aim is to have clean operations that safeguard our employees and other people from any harm, moreover, minimize damages to environment.
  • We have the full space to make our decisions for the benefit of the work.
  • We confine Integrity, Honesty and Impartiality.
  • We carry-out our duties and responsibilities with loving and cheerful attitude.