It gives me great pleasure and pride to be appointed as Chairman of MCC.

MCC was established in 1982 with the sole purpose of becoming a market leader in the construction industry. To achieve this, MCC had to focus on many aspects of the business giving top priority to Quality and reliability. Now and after many years of hard work and dedication, MCC managed to establish itself as one of the top performers in Egyptian Construction Business.

MCC, will continue on its quest for growth and development and will not stop at the Egyptian Market level, but rather start to open the doors to the international Market, again with the purpose of becoming an International Brand name in the construction industry.

Our people are our main asset. Thus they are key to our plans for growth. We believe we cannot achieve those plans without a strong team that is focused on dedication, innovation, and development. To build and grow such a team, we are continuously seeking innovative initiatives for developing, training, and retaining our people.

I have very strong faith in our people and their commitment and dedication. This fact gives me the confidence that our Company will not only grow and achieve its targets and plans, but also rather exceed all expectations for many years to come.


Eng. Seif El Din Abdel Salam Heikal

MCC, Chairman